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We are a leading provider of industry research and forecasting services. With over 50 years of experience, we help you with the information required to make the best possible decisions.

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Growth Areas for Warehousing
A materials handling company engaged BIS Shrapnel to assist its regional growth strategy, by identifying local areas with the strongest potential nationwide over the next five years in demand for warehousing, transport and distribution services. We provided a PDF report plus supporting charts and figures.
Insolvencies in the Construction Industry
BIS Shrapnel conducted a research project for a government agency to understand the extent and incidence of insolvency in the construction sector, and to forecast the projected rate of insolvency over the next 5 years. The findings helped the agency concerned to shape an appropriate policy response.
Demand for Selected Building Materials
A major funds manager commissioned BIS Shrapnel to model the demand for selected building materials in the Australian market. The resulting forecasting tool allows the client to inform its investment decisions through a robust understanding of the evolution in building materials intensity.

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