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Joy Xenita
Conference Coordinator
Phone:+61 2 8458 4220

Business Forecasting Conference - Brisbane

Tuesday, 09 September 2014
Stamford Plaza, Grand Ballroom, Corner of Edward and Margaret Streets


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9:00am – 12:30pm

Damagingly high dollar impeding recovery.

  • Will increased production offset falling resources investment?
  • Will the residential recovery be sustained? Will prices rise further?
  • Will continued confidence underwrite sustained household spending?
  • Have we seen the peak in unemployment?
  • How long will interest rates stay low? Here and Overseas?
  • What Impact of tapering of QE on bond rates and asset prices?
  • How long will business focus on cost-cutting, deferring investment?
  • How long until the government turns around infrastructure spending?
  • Any continuing damage to confidence from fiscal initiatives?
  • What damage from the high dollar? When will it fall?
  • When will business conditions improve? Revenue and profit outlook.
  • Prospects for investment markets? Interest rate strategies?
  • Impending cyclical and structural changes.
  • Directions & drivers. Winners & Losers. Prospects by industry & state.


Frank Gelber
Chief Economist and Director
Richard Robinson
Associate Director – Economics
Adrian Hart
Senior Manager – Infrastructure & Mining
A$ 825.00   Includes GST.


12:30pm – 2:00pm

Realising the Full Potential of the 2018 Commonwealth Games – for Construction, the Economy, and for Queensland.

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games promises to be a great Games, in a great city leaving great memories and great benefits for all. This prestigious event will contribute to economic growth by promoting Queensland tourism, trade and investment. Business will be a vital partner to the 2018 Games. How can business make the most of the opportunities presented by the Games? What do the Games mean for the Queensland construction industry? What infrastructure investments are planned for the Games? In what specific areas will the public sector partner with the private sector? Where do the strategic priorities lie and how can industry best engage with the Games?

Nigel Chamier, OAM
Chairman - Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games
A$ 99.00   Includes GST.


2:00pm – 5:00pm

Home building is surging – which cities and sectors will perform best?
Are record low interest rates enough to create the next boom in non-residential building?

  • Population growth is driving expanding building activity. How can you take full advantage?
  • How big is Australia’s structural shift to apartments? What will be the impact?
  • Much has been said about the impending softening in Western Australia.
  • What will it mean for building volumes?
  • When will first home buyers start returning to the market?
  • Will Aussie households shrink even further? How many new dwellings will be needed as a result?
  • Are alterations and additions fading with the baby boomers? Or will Generation X out-renovate their parents?
  • Find out where non-residential building is set to grow.
  • Ask a question. Meet the BIS forecasters. Network. Know your industry 

Detailed forecasts of building by state and segment. Residential prospects by dwelling type. Non residential outlook across 12 sectors of construction. Australia’s leading independent building outlook conference of its kind.

Robert Mellor
Managing Director
Kim Hawtrey
Associate Director – Building Forecasting
Frank Gelber
Chief Economist and Director
A$ 825.00   Includes GST.