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Accurate and detailed
Our market research services are provided by sector and product, including:

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Our key market research contacts are:
Paul Giles 
Senior Manager Market Research Unit

BIS Oxford Economics' market research service has been a fixture for over 40 years.

We regularly conduct both business-to-business and consumer research. We compile accurate, detailed information on industry sectors and markets.

The BIS Oxford Economics' methodology often involves interviewing a sizable sample of representative providers in the industry across Australia, and beyond. The interviews are conducted via telephone, using CATI (computer assisted telephone interviews). An appropriate mix of respondents is used, by state and by sub-segment to ensure market coverage.

Coverage spans across small, medium and large market players. 

Responses are carefully weighted to represent the various segments and then weighted to represent the total market. The weighting procedure also takes account of product application factors.

On-site measurement and specification of products is also carried out. In order to provide accurate estimates of products used in various business applications, it is necessary to determine ‘scaling factors’ which can be applied to the results of the industry survey. On-site surveys typically cover all key sub-segments of the market and span throughout the five mainland capital cities. 

Unique market intelligence

Market research provides direct, up-to-date information about demand for your product and attitudes of your customers. Most often this is information that is not available from any other source. We provide usage rates of various products, market size and segmentation data, market shares, consumer attitudes and supplier reputation information.

Armed with this knowledge, you are in a better position to make strategic decisions, launch new products, match your business activity to evolving patterns of demand, and manage your costs. 

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