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Residential Property

BIS Shrapnel has extensive expertise in forecasting the housing market for investors and owner-occupiers, along with having a thorough understanding of demographic trends.

Residential Property Prospects 2014 – 2017

Publication Date: June 2014


Contact: Joy Xenita

+61 2 8458 4220

In particular, Sydney and Perth entered a downturn ahead of the Global Financial Crisis and real prices in these cities remain below their previous peak levels. These cities consequently offer the best potential for capital growth with strengthening economic growth and rising dwelling deficiencies likely to support price rises. While Brisbane is in a similar position, its local economy is weaker and affordability is a little more strained. Any upturn here is expected to lag the other cities. . . 

. . .those cities that experienced the strongest rebound in price growth and/or construction have been left exposed by the higher interest rates. Affordability has been constrained and the strong new dwelling activity has allowed their dwelling deficiencies to be eroded. This list includes Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin. While strong economic growth and rising underlying demand will continue to sustain prices, the spectre of further rises in interest rates will continue to constrain affordability and have a dampening effect.” 

Quote from Residential Property Prospects 2011 to 2013 

Residential Property Prospects 2014 to 2017 provides a comprehensive and well thought out view detailing the fundamentals of the residential market and how they interact to drive activity and price growth across the different state markets. Rather than the “more of the same” twelve month predictions presented in the media, BIS Shrapnel’s three year outlook aims to identify turning points in the market with a view to identifying where price growth is likely to be, rather than where it is already occurring. 

Items covered in Residential Property Prospects 2014 to 2017 in detail include: 

  • the economic outlook and business conditions 
  • interest rate movements and timings, housing loan affordability 
  • impact of Federal and State government incentives 
  • net interstate and overseas migration 
  • underlying demand and dwelling construction 
  • stock deficiencies or oversupply in each market 
  • trends in rental yields and forecasts for rental growth 
  • annual median house price forecasts for state territory capital cities, as well as the regional areas of Cairns, Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong. 

An annual subscription includes the main report (published in June), along with an update (published in December). Market Briefs are also provided in September and March quarters to keep you up to take with all events impacting on the residential market. Your organisation will also have access to our team of residential property consultants and analysts throughout the year to further discuss forecasts, content or methodologies. Reports are provided in secure PDF format. 

For further information download an extract of the report or make contact with report contributor Angie Zigomanis.